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ПО Veritas

Эффективный бизнес с лучшими программными решениями

Мы предлагаем как отдельные услуги и продукты в области информационных технологий, так и комплексное решение бизнес-задач на основе программных разработок от мировых лидеров IT-индустрии.


The software-defined bridge between tier-one applications and infrastructure.
Highly available, enterprise-proven storage virtualization software
A software-defined infrastructure built for the largest, most demanding organizations that can’t compromise on performance and availability. InfoScale easily spans physical, virtual and cloud.
 • Give your most critical databases and BI apps the high performance and availability they demand
• Easily extend your storage environment to the cloud
• Match your storage and costs to the various needs of your enterprise

Featured Highlights
Choose an enterprise-proven software-defined infrastructure.
Scale easily and cost-effectively as needed with hardware-independent storage.

 • Get a proven, enterprise-class software-defined infrastructure that supports heterogeneous storage hardware.
 • Protect your existing storage investments without needing to rip-and-replace.
 • Flexibility to choose whatever hardware platforms you need for future storage requirements.

Application-specific high availability, on prem and in the cloud.
Deliver mission-critical levels of availability and performance while simultaneously providing more agile and streamlined data and workload mobility.
 • Cost-effectively protect mission-critical enterprise apps that require zero down time.
 • Address all high availability and disaster recovery scenarios with an application-aware solution.
 • Single approach for all mission critical apps across physical, virtual and cloud.

Optimize data placement according to cost and control requirements.
Save time and money by extending your storage environment to the cloud.
 • Use the cloud as an additional storage tier.
 • Integrate the cloud as a disaster recovery target.
 • Sharply reduce costs by easily transitioning from storage capital expenses to a cloud-based operating expense model.

Easy migration and integration with all major public cloud platforms.
Sharply reduce expenses while maximizing application uptime by easily migrating your enterprise apps and data to the cloud—on your terms. Used as either a storage target, optimizing data placement, or a platform for your applications, Veritas InfoScale plus the cloud forms an ideal, integrated platform to propel your business forward.
 • Use the cloud to reduce ongoing capital expenses while moving to a cost-effective, predictable operating expense model.
 • Manage your storage for optimal performance and cost control on-premises, in the cloud, or both.
 • Move data or apps to the cloud at the ideal pace for your business, without missing a beat.
 • Achieve high availability and disaster recovery for cloud-based, critical business services including custom applications and complex, multi-tiered services AZs.

Enable your enterprise apps to perform at their best.
Your workloads and apps require fast, 24/7 access to resources. InfoScale offers a storage environment designed for optimal workload performance and availability.
 • Ensure apps recover quickly from disruptions or outages with high-availability clustering technology.
 • Enable local, metro, or global disaster recovery in case of severe unforeseen circumstances.
 • Optimize your storage per workload to maintain required performance while minimizing ongoing costs.