ПО Qlik

Эффективный бизнес с лучшими программными решениями

Мы предлагаем как отдельные услуги и продукты в области информационных технологий, так и комплексное решение бизнес-задач на основе программных разработок от мировых лидеров IT-индустрии.


Discover Qlik Sense, the modern analytics platform for the enterprise

Let everyone explore without boundaries
A groundbreaking analytics experience lets users freely explore data on any device using powerful global search and selections, smart visualizations and more. Empower everyone to make bigger, bolder discoveries with analytics apps and embedded analytics built into daily workflows.

Bring together all your data and unlock its full potential
Our one-of-a-kind Associative Engine delivers nearly limitless combinations of data from any source – no matter how big (or small). It indexes every relationship within the data so users can easily dive in to uncover hidden insights they'd miss with query-based tools.

Boost human curiosity with a new breed of AI
Machine intelligence works with our Associative technology to instantly surface in-context insights and suggestions users can easily explore to make new discoveries. This powerful approach to augmented intelligence can increase the data literacy of your entire workforce.

Deploy your way. Scale massively
A governed, multi-cloud platform lets you deploy in any environment – on-premise, in the cloud or as a complete SaaS analytics solution. And enterprise-grade technology supports massive growth in users and data without compromising performance or security.