ПО Qlik

Эффективный бизнес с лучшими программными решениями

Мы предлагаем как отдельные услуги и продукты в области информационных технологий, так и комплексное решение бизнес-задач на основе программных разработок от мировых лидеров IT-индустрии.

Qlik Core

Modern cloud analytics application development

Qlik Core helps developers solve some of the major challenges of building cloud-ready, analytics-driven applications. Easily combine multiple, complex data sources with Qlik’s Associative engine. Scale on-demand during peak and off-peak use with Linux, Docker and Kubernetes. Integrate seamlessly within your existing application infrastructure using the baseline API to manage security, authentication and authorization.

Purpose-built for application integration
Use open interfaces to deliver data, whether to display, drive a process or trigger an alert. Qlik Core has no opinion on presentation, environment context, or licenses, providing complete flexibility to work within your existing definitions and infrastructure.

Extend with Qlik authored open source libraries
Whether loading data (halyard.js), interacting with the Associative engine (enigma.js) or looking for visualization frameworks (picasso.js), Qlik Core developers can build solutions more quickly with our open source contributions.

Cloud scale performance
Supported by a backbone of Linux and Docker, Qlik Core applications can be deployed to meet the high demand possibilities within your cloud infrastructure. Use only the compute po wer you need, when you need it, to deploy your Qlik Core applications.